Flow heaters are a great solution for heating liquid and gaseous media (including explosive ones). Compared to a heat exchanger that uses an intermediate heat carrier to transfer heat to the heated medium, a flow heater transfers heat directly to the medium from the electrical power. This approach allows for smoother temperature control and significantly reduces the size and cost of the equipment.

Atmospheric vaporisers are devices used in industrial gasification plants to convert liquid cryogenic products into a gaseous state. They work by exchanging heat between the surrounding environment and the liquid gas passing through the evaporator chamber. This increases productivity and ensures a constant gas flow for industrial purposes, such as filling cylinders or containers. Atmospheric evaporators are made of high-strength materials and can have different designs depending on the volume and type of gas they use. They are widely used in industry and medicine, as well as in other fields where storage and transportation of gases at very low temperatures are required.

Atmospheric vaporisers are devices used in cryogenic gasification plants to convert cryogenic products from liquid phase to gaseous state for industrial purposes, such as filling tanks or containers. Atmospheric vaporisers are one of the key components of gasification equipment, as they increase its productivity.