ROBODINAMIKA development difficult technical solutions.

Company "Robodinamika” is a young, ambitious, developing organization, and our employees make it such. The potential and experience of the company's employees is one of the main sources of development and prosperity of our company. 

Our team consists of people with the following qualities: 

  • high professionalism;
  • initiative;
  • responsibility;
  • creativity;
  • striving for development and self-realization;
  • respect for colleagues, subordinates, management;
  • responsibility and obligation.

We employ the best engineers and project managers, as well as qualified operators and installers, so we can cope with the most complex tasks assigned to us by the client in the shortest possible time. We strive to be flexible in relation to customer requirements, so we can quickly adapt our business, from the introduction of new services to the opening of new offices in new locations.


INN 6155077310
KPP 615501001
in the Branch JSC "ALFA-BANK" Rostov-on-Don 
Acc. 40702810026160001599
RCBIC 046015207
Corr. acc. 30101810500000000207
Вusiness address: 346480, r.p. Kamenolomni, Rostov region, Vostochnaya st. 1B

OKPO 16201338 OGRN 1176196030328
OKVED 33.20 OKTMO 60740000
OKFS 16 OKOGU 4210014
OKOPF 12300

General Director Zhitkov Denis Vladimirovich, acting on the basis of the Charter.\\


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