Company Robodinamika offers production automation services. We offer solutions for the automation of individual machines and production sites, as well as the entire enterprise. An integrated approach to production automation allows you to create solutions that fully meet the specifics of the enterprise. 

What is
автоматизация производства

Plants automation is a process of global replacement of human labor, in which the functions of control and management of machines, equipment and mechanisms are transferred to special devices and automatic devices (from simple special equipment to a complex software and hardware complex). The introduction of automation in production is a profitable direction for the modernization of production and an important tool for increasing the efficiency, competitiveness, agility of the enterprise and facilitating the work of workers. 

Our services

Industrial controller programming

Siemens, Allen-Bradley, ABB, Omron.

Optimization of automatic systems

Modification of equipment and algorithms, adjustment.

Creation of control programs

Create visualizations


PID controllers

Tuning, binding, commissioning of frequency converters, PID controllers

Complete set of control cabinets

Production of electrical circuit diagrams, electrical equipment

Customer personnel training

Training of personnel to work with control systems and maintenance of installed components. Refresher courses.

Maintenance and technical support

Warranty and post-warranty services, consultations from leading industry experts.

Automation of production allows you to free workers from heavy physical exertion, significantly increase labor productivity, improve safety, quality of products and services, eliminate errors associated with the human factor, reduce the number of staff and, accordingly, reduce wage costs.

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