design and construction


We are not only a supplier, but also a manufacturer. Manufacturing of industrial equipment is one of activities of
our company.
Our experience and highly qualified engineering and technical staff allow us to carry out work of any complexity. One of the main directions of the company is the supply of equipment, components and consumables for
glass processing (processing) and other industrial equipment. 
design and construction

Cryogenic equipment

Supply of cryogenic and other equipment, valves, consumables for compressors and pumps, parallel imports, logistics, customs clearance.

design and construction

Self-service car washes

Sale and installation of self-service car washes, automation of existing car washes, organization of payment acceptance, development and connection of remote control systems.

for businesses of all scales

Plants automation

Integrated development of production management and control systems, refinement and optimization of existing production automation systems, visualization of SCADA and HMI, warranty and post-warranty service.

design and construction

Robotic Car Washes

Production and installation of turnkey robotic car washes. Software development, creation of cloud ecosystems. Warranty and post-warranty service.

software and technical part

development of vending machines

Production of vending machines, automation of your vending machines, fiscalization.

разрабатываем и внедряем

Payment acceptance

Прием платежей в адрес владельца бизнеса на автомойках, парковочных комплексах, территории с платным доступом. Удаленный контроль, понятная и прозрачная статистика.

design and construction

Implementation of cryogenic projects

Project engineering and technical equipment for gasification or supply in the liquid phase with air separation products (oxygen, argon, nitrogen, air) and welding mixtures.

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