If you have made up your mind to grow your business in the area of self-service - either it is a parking lot, a robotic or a self-service carwash - one of the key factors influencing its performance is correct payment acceptance organising. A perfect solution for you is to purchase and install or integrate a payment terminal.

Payment terminal is a multifunctional stand-alone equipment designed for automation of cash and/or cashless payment transactions without a person (operator, cashier, consultant). 

Controlled by special software terminals enable acceptance of payments from individual customers in a self-service mode, along with a robotic carwash control like Shuifu or Leisuwash. 

Contact Robodinamika company and get an opportunity to:

1. Buy a payment terminal of our manufacturing. Peciliarity of our equipment is a uniquely-developed program interface, designed for maximized information perception. Your customers will have no questions how to work with them - everything is simple and available.

Our company specialists will develop and deliver a payment terminal, taking into account your specific requirements and your business goals. 

basic list of materials required for development:

Платежный терминал
  1. Terminal frame unit
  2. Fiscal data recording and fiscal printer
  3. Bill acceptor
  4. Frameless LC monitor
  5. Sensor display
  6. Wireless bank reader
  7. Vending transformer
  8. Wiring devices
  9. Industrial controller
  10. Microclimate control system
  11. Two channel power unit

Basic list of works required for development:

Acquring software license

Payment terminal software license


Control cabinet installation

Delivery (can be rendered at Customer's expence)

2. To modify basic functions of a payment terminal:

  • Color pallette of a terminal frame, as well as of a control program, if an individual design is needed.
  • Change issuance in 50 Rubles notes (considering that, for example cost of one carwash should be divisible by 50 Rubles).
  • Ability to accept bank payments and client cards payments.
  • Acceptance of NFC-chipped bank cards and analogue payment devices.
  • Acceptance of cash (notes of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Rubles).
  • Printing of fiscal documents with statement of chosen washing programs and additional options and sending data to fiscal data provider (technical support, maintenance and tuning preset are performed by Customer).
  • Weather compensated heating system with adjustable switch-on temperature.
  • Uninterruptible power supply system with energy output not more that 1 kWt, enabling protection from short power breaks.

3. To add extra functions to a payment terminal, as follows:

  • Automatic gate control in winter-summer and day-night mode.
  • Ability to adjust program cost depending on the time of day.
  • Automatic report sending at a set time via electronic mail to required mailboxes.
  • Ability to adjust equipment settings via hidden menu only with the help of administrator (owner) card: cashback amount, cards price, carwash programs price, etc.
  • Customer Loyalty Program (discounts) with ability to deposit cashback to client cards.
  • Equipment parameters setting via hidden menu only with the help of administrator (owner) card: cashback amount, cards price, carwash programs price, etc.
  • Ability to transfer financial statistics to the cloud (cloud using is an additional option).
  • If there is a queue, a terminal is able to make a queue and issue a non-fiscal receipt with a queue number. After completion of a task the terminal invites the next client according to the queue number (invitation is sent to LED display).
  • Technical support of acquiring transactions, investigation of failure or malfunction reasons (e.g. failure due to insufficient card funds or incompatibility of hardware components) are performed by Customer (or Customer's client) on their own via personal account or by contacting technical support of the provider who grants access to the acquiring bank. Cases of payment terminal equipment failure are an exception.

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You can find a sample of program software, used in a payment terminal HERE.

You can see a robotic carwash with a payment terminal manufactured by Robodinamica Company in Instagram @RobotCarWash

We offer the best possible terms of a payment terminal development. Along with: in case of non-standard equipment order we will complete works in 8-12 weeks, and with a repeat order and usage of implemented and commissioned equipment - in only 4 weeks. 

If you are interested in our offer and planning to buy a payment terminal we are ready to give you a consultation on all matters and guidance on the price. For more detailed calculation of products cost, please, fill in and send us Datasheet.

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