Atmospheric vaporisers

Atmospheric vaporisers are devices used in cryogenic gasification plants to convert cryogenic products from liquid phase to gaseous state for industrial purposes, such as filling tanks or containers. Atmospheric vaporisers are one of the key components of gasification equipment, as they increase its productivity.

Atmospheric vaporisers consist of bimetallic tubes arranged in several rows. Cryogenic liquid enters the evaporator, where it is gasified by the surrounding air temperature. The cryogenic gas then enters the production line, container, reservoir, or tanks. To increase the gas temperature at the evaporator outlet, a heater is used, which is a tank of water heated by heating elements in an automatic mode.

High-pressure atmospheric vaporisers have several advantages. Firstly, they are economically beneficial since they do not require energy consumption - atmospheric air acts as a heat carrier. 

Secondly, they have high reliability and safety due to the use of high-quality materials. Thirdly, they are characterized by high efficiency and productivity. Additionally, it is possible to increase productivity by increasing the pump power.

High-pressure atmospheric vaporisers have several advantages, including economic benefits due to the absence of energy consumption, the ability to increase productivity by increasing the pump power, high reliability and safety of the evaporators, as well as a wide range of applications due to the high working pressure.

Technical characteristics of high-pressure atmospheric vaporisers include working medium (oxygen, nitrogen, argon), working pressure (20 MPa), maximum volumetric capacity (depends on the installed pump), temperature of the product gas (depends on the heater characteristics), vaporisers dimensions and weight, as well as the ambient temperature at which normal operation of the evaporator is guaranteed (-40°C to +50°C).

Typical models of atmospheric vaporisers of medium pressure.

The nominal capacity is given for gasification at an ambient temperature of 20°C, no recovery at 10°C and continuous operation for 8 hours. The vaporisers are designed for installation on a foundation (stand-alone evaporator) or with brackets for attachment to a cryogenic tank or supporting structure (suspended evaporator). Connections are made with pipe fittings or flanges.

To complete your cryogenic system, also purchase: valves, ball valves, check and safety valves, piston and centrifugal pumps, metal hoses, ramps, and monoblocks.

We offer medium-pressure vaporisers of our own production.

Medium pressure vaporisers used for gasification of the product as well as for superheating evaporators.
Aluminum tubes with external and internal fins are used to manufacture medium pressure evaporators.

  • Heat exchange surface area: 1.35 m2 per linear meter of pipe.2 на погонный метр трубы
  • Working pressure 4.0 MPa.

Pressure build up vaporisers (PBU) used for vaporizing a liquid product located in a cryogenic tank in order to increase the pressure in the tank. Pressure boost evaporators have a low height, and the working liquid enters all the tubes simultaneously through a common collector. The supply of the liquid product to the pressure boost evaporator is usually regulated by an economizer.