Our company has extensive expertise in the development of vending machines and software for them. Trading using vending machines is a sought-after and profitable business that has been gaining momentum in recent years.

nvesting in vending can be an excellent source of both primary and secondary income. Benefits of a vending business:

  • Minimum starting capital. You do not need to buy land for construction, order complex projects or rent a complete premise. Vending machines can be placed anywhere (shopping center, hospital, train station, etc.).
  • No labor costs. The sale of goods and services occurs without the participation of the seller or consultant. 
  • Operation 24/7. The vending machine is running smoothly. 
  • Low operating costsElectricity costs are low, and maintenance and repairs do not require large expenditures for finding and hiring an expensive and highly specialized specialist. Most modern vending equipment is vandal resistant.
  • Variety of business ideas. With the help of vending machines, you can realize the trade of a variety of goods and services. Vending machines can be: snack, drinking (coffee, soda), bottling liquids, clothing (souvenirs, eye lenses, etc.), providing services (massage chairs, charging, copying, photo kiosks, postal machines, etc.), and also on размену денег.
  • Convenience for the clientModern vending machines allow you to make a purchase or order a service as quickly, simply and conveniently as possible. equipped with an electronic display with instructions for use and payment systems to choose from (from accepting banknotes and coins to cashless payments).
  • Profitability and quick payback. The sale of consumer goods through vending machines brings a good profit, which significantly exceeds the cost of maintenance. With proper planning, investments in vending pay off, as a rule, in 10-18 months.

Robodinamika offers:

Years of experience. Thanks to our extensive experience in development for vending, we will be able to realize any wishes in a short time. We will select and develop vending equipment and software for it, corresponding to your business tasks.

A wide range of. We offer a wide range of ready-made vending machines and additional options for them, in demand among the population.

Modernization. We carry out the modernization and refinement of existing machines for specific purposes of the Customer.

Vending automation. In cooperation with IT&T, we have developed comprehensive solutions for the most efficient vending automation. These include: industry vending ERP-system (SVE), service operations recorder (WML), telemetry control of vending machines (TVV), system using smart cards for vending machines (GoodCards).

Vending controller RPLC-1000 of our own design. This is an unparalleled ready-made hardware and software system for controlling various vending machines. Our vending controller can be integrated into existing vending machines, including instead of standard solutions from other manufacturers.

Guarantee and quality. We monitor the quality of manufactured equipment for vending. We guarantee reliable long-term work.

Technical support. Maintenance of software and vending machines.

Professional advice. Qualified employees of our company are ready to answer any questions about vending machines and software.

Convenient delivery system. We carry out delivery to all cities of Russia.

We will develop, manufacture and configure a solution that is best suited both for starting a business and for developing and modernizing an existing vending business.

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