We are not only a supplier, but also a manufacturer. The manufacture of industrial equipment is one of the activities of our company.

Our experience and highly qualified engineering and technical staff allow you to carry out work of any complexity. One of the main directions of the company is the supply of equipment, components and consumables for glass processing (processing) and other industrial equipment.

As well as equipment maintenance of manufactured and installed systems. Our specialists organize production from scratch and modernize existing production facilities.


The company is engaged in the manufacture of equipment of various complexity_which include: transport systems, automatic glass loaders, conveyor lines, equipment for furnaces of secondary oil refining processes.

Automatic loader/unloader simplifies the process of glass movement. The process is fully automated and does not require operator intervention. The "stacker" is designed to capture a glass sheet from a vertical pyramid or line, positioning and further moving the glass to the processing, painting, washing, transporting to the storage area.

Gaining momentum today demand for tube furnaces for secondary oil refining processes (hydrotreatment, catalytic cracking and reforming, oil refining, production of ethylene, propane, butane, etc.). This is not surprising, since the increase in the output of high quality light marketable petroleum products is one of the main trends in this industry.

Our company provides services for the manufacture of radiant coils and finned tubes for industrial furnaces for heating heat carriers and oil products. Radiant coil - a structure consisting of pipes with branches and other elements, collectors, receiving heat by radiation. Such coils are installed in heating and heating-reaction radiant furnaces, as well as in radiant chambers (sections) of convective-radiant (radiation-convective) furnaces.
Depending on the type of furnace (heating or heating-reaction), the coils serve either only to heat the raw materials, or to obtain the final product (reaction coils).

The entire technological process, from the manufacture of fasteners, to welding we carry out at our own production site. Products fully comply with all requirements for materials and technology. Our company guarantees the quality of manufactured and shipped equipment. Finned tubes, surrounded by metal plates along the entire perimeter, have improved technical characteristics, in particular, increased heat transfer. An element having an enlarged outer surface is used in various heat exchangers, in metal communications, in refrigeration установках.

Compared to conventional finned tubes have the following advantages:
- anti-corrosion resistance,
- maintaining performance at high temperatures,
- no need for special maintenance,
- immunity to the impact of an aggressive environment,
- a variety of model range,
- durability.

Products are made by knurling, extrusion, winding. The technology is determined by the purpose of the product and technical characteristics. When knurling, a large-diameter pipe is put on the bearing element, which is subjected to deformation and extrusion. The ribs formed by knurling remain operational at + up to 350ºС, while by winding they do not lose functionality at values above + up to 350ºС.

Most often practiced automated spiral method, consisting in welding of steel, aluminum, copper tape to the main pipe.

Our services


Kompas 3D, Solid Works

Initial measurements and preparation of sketches and technical specifications

Full set of CD

Search and selection of materials for the production of products

Test for applicability in given specifications

Installation at the customer's site

Qualified mobile team of installers. Using your own tools and materials

Manufacturing welding and assembly

Application of modern welding and assembly technologies

At the moment, "Robodinamika" has completed all projects with high quality and on time, has a wide list of satisfied clients, takes on and completes complex and atypical projects. We work with all regions of the Russian Federation, near and far abroad. If you want to buy industrial equipment from our company, then you are making the right choice, as we adhere to an affordable pricing policy and high quality standards.

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