The company Robodinamika offers a range of services for the maintenance, production, supply and installation of self-service car washes. 

A self-service car wash is a car wash where the customer washes their vehicle on their own, without any assistance from the staff. Currently, the popularity of such sinks is steadily growing, both among customers and among businessmen.

What represents
self service car wash?

It is multifunctional and at the same time compact. self-service car washesThey look like a covered complex with several posts, each of which is equipped with a control panel, hoses for supplying water and detergents, and a payment terminal. The main equipment is located in a separate room. Self-service car washes can also provide a place equipped with equipment that allows you to provide additional services, such as: cleaning the interior with a vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning, steam generator and others.

The cost of a self-service car wash may vary, it depends on the size and configuration of the car wash. The minimum set consists of the following options:

  • Control block, which is mounted inside each box and connected to the central computer and main equipment.
  • High pressure apparatus, which will be enough to serve one post with a throughput of up to 50 vehicles per day.
  • pivot beam with 360 degree rotation. 
  • Chemical dosing block (washing solution, car shampoo, wax), equipped with a set of valves.
  • Моющие пистолеты, sleeves of a high pressure with protection against creases and excesses.
  • Stainless rack for installation of the inside-box equipment.

Self-service car wash can be additionally equipped with equipment for water purification, liquid heating in the cold season, brushing and video surveillance.

Today self-service car wash business is a young, but rapidly developing, service area. This development is facilitated by the advantages of self-service car washes:

Small start-up capital

The cost of opening is cheaper compared to a standard car wash, as it avoids the cost of complex design work, the construction of a capital building and hiring staff.

Minimum labor costs

Car owners carry out washing on their own, and one operator/administrator is enough to control the operation of the complex.

Remote control

The owner of a self-service car wash is not required to be constantly personally present at the facility and participate in management and control. A few hours a week is enough. This allows, for example, to conduct a parallel business.

100% financial control

Completely transparent and streamlined accounting of costs and profits. Fast payback. On average, the cost of opening a self-service car wash pays off in 1-1.5 years from the start of operation.

The result meets the client's expectations

Self-service manual car wash allows each client to get a result that is focused on his needs and ideas about cleanliness. You will not have complaints from customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of the service staff.

High demand and time savings

The main problem at a conventional car wash is the workload of the staff and the waiting for the client in line. Self-service car wash is an ideal option for those car owners who do not want to waste time waiting. Therefore, the demand for such sinks will always be high and constant.

Affordable service price

Self-service car washes are attractive to car enthusiasts due to the lower price compared to conventional car washes.

High attendance

With less time spent cleaning each car, customer turnover will be higher than conventional car washes.

If you are interested in self-service car washes and plan to develop your own business in this area, our company is ready to support you from the planning and implementation stage to the subsequent operation of the car wash.

Website management. A unique cloud service will allow manage a car wash and control your ready-made business from any distance, from anywhere in the world.

mplementation of card payment. Our company offers the most extensive system of contactless payments for car wash. PayPass system attracts new customers, increasing revenues and increasing the attractiveness of the car wash.

Modern self-service car wash design to attract the maximum number of customers in a highly competitive environment.

A unique combination of technologies that will achieve a record low cost, while the end user will receive the maximum choice of programs and excellent quality of washing the car.

Equipping objects with only high-quality and proven componentspumps, robust solenoid valves and dosing devices. Our company has extensive experience in the sale and installation of washing equipment of various capacities from leading European and domestic manufacturers.

Implementation of our loyalty system, which can be easily and quickly managed through a web browser. Our solution enables replenishment of the customer's card via the Internet - the only option on the market. Ideal for fleet car owners - paying for car wash is no longer a problem.

Self-service car wash from the company "Robodinamika" This is a profitable investment in a ready-made business. Our sinks can rightly be considered among the best in Russia, as they are equipped with modern technologies designed for the convenience of customers. You can buy a turnkey business as a self-service car wash in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other cities. The prices will pleasantly surprise you!


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