cryogenic EQUIPMENT

«Robodinamika» gained extensive experience in the field of its own production of industrial equipment and the successful implementation of many other projects, and we decided to expand the scope of activities in the direction of providing complex equipment to industries such as industry, construction, as well as housing and communal services.

This type of activity allowed "Robodinamics" not only to carry out work in the field of installation, but also to guarantee a long operational period without failures in the installed system. The technical and operational characteristics of European/foreign products have always been and remain on top, so all categories of our deliveries are among the most in demand on the market.

We constantly monitor preferences our customers and pay attention to the development of the areas represented in the range of our company.

Cryogenic tanks and gasifiers

Our company offers cold cryogenic gasifiers, intended for transportation of liquid air separation products (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) with their subsequent gasification and delivery to the consumer in a gaseous state under a certain pressure. We also supply cryogenic tanks designed for the acceptance, storage and further gasification of LNG, autonomous gas supply to residential and industrial facilities, and as spare fuel tanks.

The resulting gas you use for its intended purpose:

- in metallurgy (for welding or cutting metal);

- in agriculture (for saturation of water with oxygen when breeding fish);

-in medicine (oxygen supply to patients on mechanical ventilation);

- in the food industry (to create a special environment for food storage).

 The company "Robodinamika" offers delivery gasifiers of the following type:

- Cold cryogenic gasifiers of small volume from 0.21 to 3 m² (cryo-cylinders);

-Stationary cold cryogenic gasifiers of large volume from 3 to 25 m².


Shut-off cryogenic valves

For picking cryogenic equipment, only reliable, time-tested cryogenic fittings should be used. Our company is engaged in the supply of cryogenic valves of such world brands as Reggo и Herose.

On cryogenic pipelines and units the same types of pipeline fittings are used as in other industries: valves, gate valves, taps, etc. However, the specifics of the working environment puts forward special requirements for the materials used.

Depending on conditions operation, cryogenic valves are divided into several types:

- Cold block. The cold type of cryogenic shut-off valves also includes valves, taps, gate valves, dampers, valves.

Cold vacuum insulated. This fitting is used in systems for transporting liquefied gases with temperatures below 120 K.

- Warm. This type of fittings includes safety and check valves, drainage and safety valves.

— Built-in (universal) cryogenic fittings – is located in the cryogenic unit as a whole, together with the drive.


HEROSE delivers innovative products, which you can rely on, in more than 80 countries around the world. HEROSE guarantees a high level of safety worldwide in the handling of technical gases, vapors and liquids. More than 140 years of experience in the development, production and marketing of valves, as well as modern production using the latest innovative technologies and a certified quality management system, have made the company one of the leaders in the production and supply of:

- Armatures and valves for low temperatures;

Safety valves for general industrial applications;

-Special fittings for transformers with oil cooling;

Industrial fittingswhich meets DIN EN standards.


Reggo products represent quality equipment for liquefied petroleum gas (propane) and anhydrous ammonia. With a wide range of products, the company has set standards all over the world.

Genuine Atlas Copco spare parts for compressors

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a Swedish manufacturer industrial and construction equipment and tools. One of the world's leading suppliers of compressors, vacuum equipment, generators, pumps, power tools and assembly systems. Offers products and services focused on performance, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

original spare parts provide the required level of performance and ensure that the integrity of your system is maintained.

-Prevent performance losses your equipment. Protect against dust and dirt with original filters and separators.

-Use original spare parts and oils increasing the availability and life of your compressor.

-If your production depends on quality compressed air, then the original main filters for compressors will help make air purification most effective.

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