Robodinamika company provides a range of services for the production, supply, installation and maintenance of robotic car washes.  We offer solutions that are suitable for both creating a new one and expanding a working  business, from the delivery of a new robotic car wash, to the automation of already existing business. We work throughout Russia.  

robotic car washes

Full automation and remote control

The robot does all the work of washing the car, and you get additional profit and control the business remotely.

Convenience for the client

The client is not involved in the washing process. He does not need to leave the car, he only follows the instructions of the electronic scoreboard inside the box, the rest is done by the robot.

High traffic capacity

Due to automation, selected chemistry and the speed of servicing one car, a robotic car wash can accept more cars, which means that the flow of customers will increase several times.

Cost and economy

Tailor-made equipment and mixing systems, and no need to purchase hand tools, reduce the cost of each cycle, allowing you to save on consumables and electricity.


An individual parameter that depends on many factors. The average payback period is 6 months. up to 2 years.

Individual and flexible program settings

The software can be adapted to the requirements and conditions of each individual car wash.


The average car wash time is 2 to 5 minutes. A robotic car wash is ideal for keeping your car clean on a regular basis.

Contactless technology

The washing process is completely non-contact, nothing touches the surface of the client's car, which allows not to spoil the paintwork of the car.

Variety and functionality

You can choose a set of equipment suitable for your specific tasks.

Easy to find a place

It is not necessary to buy a land plot, you can install equipment in a ready-made car wash.

If you already have a car business (self-service car wash, dealership or car service), then robotic car wash would be a beneficial addition to attract new customers, increase traffic capacity and automate workflow. You will receive additional profit, ease of management and cost reduction

Aspiring Entrepreneurs_will be able to get a ready-made automated and profitable business that is easy to manage and control due to the lack of employees. Income and expenditure in this business is transparent, and the quality of services is stable. 

If you are planning to invest in a profitable business, then robotic car washes will be an excellent choice: they have short payback periods, and marginality reaches 65%.

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Mobile application


Calculation of the financial model, a commercial offer with prices and technical characteristics of sinks, selection of configuration options for your tasks.

Full construction

High quality implementation of a profitable business based on many years of experience. Support at all stages of the project.

cloud service

To control the car wash, you do not need to be at the facility, all data is sent to your personal account on the site.

Quality control

All robotic car wash equipment is carefully tested before being sent to the customer.


We will explain and show how to work with equipment and software.


We provide warranty and post-warranty service for robotic car washes.

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